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Welcome to the new TGH Physician Portal!

We know that you’re devoted to your patients’ care. You log long hours in clinic and your practice, rounding on hospital floors, and meeting with patients and their families. A 40-hour work week seems like a distant memory. The question you must ask yourself is this: how much time is left for your well-being? If the answer is not even close to enough time, you’re not alone. That’s why we’re providing a new wellness program designed specifically for you. It’s called Physician+, and we’ll introduce it at Tampa General October 1st. We’ve heard your feedback, which is why we are implementing this wellness program to assist you both inside and outside of the hospital. Developed by Circles, a vendor selected by TGH, Physician+ will provide a lifestyle management service to help manage your personal errands, wellness tasks, travel arrangements, home services, and more.

We value you, our physician partners, and understand you work hard every day. So we created a program that works hard for you.

Technology and training that is available for you.

Tampa General Hospital is committed to providing high-quality care and sharing data about how well we follow guidelines for care. Here you will find information from reports on key quality measures

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