Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to have Epic training?

If you are a physician or MLP and have > 12 clinical encounters in the last year you must complete training in order to be giving full access to Epic. (A Clinical encounter is defined as: admit/discharge, consult, or procedure.)

Which courses do I have to take?

Click here for list

How do I sign up for training?

Please contact our Epic Training Logistics Team at 813-844-3883 or email us at

How do I reset my password

Call the Help Desk (Technology Support Center) at 813-844-7490.

Why do PAs have to take NUR300?

Important information such as wound care and discharge documentation is covered in this mandatory course.​

How do I obtain my password?

Please call the Help Desk (aka Technology Support Center) at (813) 844-7490​.

How do I log in to MindLab to complete eLearnings?

Click here for the ​MindLab login and eLearning tip sheet.

I haven't been trained on Epic but I am coming to TGH to treat a patient. What do I do?

The Epic Training Team in Organizational Development can be reached at 813-844-3883 or by emailing​

When are Epic Training Classes offered?

To enroll, you must contact the Epic Training Team in Organizational Development at or by calling 813-844-3883.​