Governing Documents

Please see the links below on updated TGH Medical Staff Bylaws as well as Rules and Regulations:

FHSC 2021 Medical Staff By laws

FHSC 2021 Medical Staff Rules and Regulations FINAL

Stark Law:

The Stark Law provides for a number of exceptions that may apply to relationships between physicians, their immediate families, and health service entities, such as TGH. One is the Non-Monetary Compensation exception. Unless another exception applies, TGH may only provide non-monetary compensation to referral sources (or their immediate families) in the form of gifts, entertainment, CMEs, fees, etc. that DO NOT exceed the annual limit of $452.00 (2022). In order to avoid being in violation of the Stark Law, any inadvertent overages:

  1. Must be paid back within 6 months or by the end of the calendar year, whichever is sooner.
  2. May not exceed 50% of the annual total ($226.00 for 2022).
  3. May occur more than once every 3 years per physician.

Non-compliance may result in civil monetary penalties, correction actions (up to and including exclusion), as well as False Claims Act liability for TGH. Physicians may also be exposed to liability.

Medical Staff Organizational Chart